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Terri England: Reviews

“This is music you won't forget. Inspirational! Clarity of tone, well written and executed! This album showcases a unique sound and a jazzy beat that mellows nicely to a cool classy rhythm.”
“Very impressive. We LOVE the CD!"
“Love the samba, bossa nova . . . .adore the Brazilian thing."
“This CD is a fantastic debut!. I recommend it to anyone who needs an uplift or stress reliever.”
“Couldn't stop movin’ to the groovin’! Fantastic!”

“WOW, this is smooth! . . Love your music!”
“I played your new CD today and just wanted to tell you how much I loved it. It's quite an accomplishment and I hope to hear more.”
“I love this music! It is just phenomenal! I am so impressed. I just can’t say enough nice things about it. I am thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying it!”
“I really like your unique musical style.”
- Fan Comments (2007)
INGLATERRA MUSICA On her 2007 CD, Tones of the Tropics, Texas guitarist Terri England puts together a set of guitar instrumentals that clearly reflect her fondness for Brazilian jazz and Latin rhythms. England’s jazzy finger style guitar sound is backed up by her additional expertise on guitar synth, keyboards, bass, drums and more. Backed up by a range of her accomplished studio overdubbing, England’s jazz guitar expertise crosses over from jazz to world beat
and beyond.
Robert Silverstein - 20th Century Guitar Magazine (Jun, 2008)
Re: "Dance of the Fireflies" This piece is quite impressive from the standpoint of composition and arrangement. I also think the guitars are well performed; nice going with both the traditional nylon string & the electric part. The instrumental palette is quite colorful and all the parts are well scored. This track could potentially be useful as a showcase of guitar mastery and composition.
Anonymous - TAXI (Nov, 2007)
Guitarist Terri England begins her multi-instrumentalist album, "TONES OF THE TROPiCS ", by laying off the guitar - the main instrument that leads every track of the album except the first, "Vera's Cruise". Instead, the guitar is heard far behind the Brazilian percussion in favor of the lead synthesized flute. Not that we're complaining—just noticing the unobtrusive nature of England's music and record. When the guitar makes its appearance it is with the melodic line in track 2, "Spring". The guitar is subtle, important, and understated - and the hollow tone of the nylon string guitar provides character to the apt guitar technique. There is an acceleration of guitar presence occurring, and it continues to build with the third track, "Setembro Sunrise". This time the instrumental has Latin guitar rhythm in the left channel while jazz guitar ala Howard Roberts populates the melody within its own frequency space. One of the most appealing aspects of England's music is not just that she performs all of it, but that the guitar tones and timbres run the gamut - nearly a lesson in what a tonal treat and mélange of guitars can be stirred into a record's ingredients. As the warm up continues to grow into more aggressive pieces, track 4, "Moonlit Mood", continues in the vein with ambitious chordal repaginated creations in the break. It is here that we begin hearing England's level of fine technique. The composition is fairly straight-ahead yet England takes liberties with rhythm and syncopation that make the track interesting. The guitar climax comes in the softer unobtrusive cut (track 7), "Just Before Sunset", as the shy heroine of the six-string comes out of the shell of obscurity and performs a guitar solo piece. The touch and beauty have been hinted at during the pervious tracks, and now appears in full. The album is a lesson in the intentional pacing that will always be an art form in the order of song choice within an album. Indeed, it is the very difference between a musical journey and short abrupt trips. England's intent here is clearly on the journey, and she takes the listener on a relaxing enjoyable day of guitar and instrumental music that takes a few road directions from (Pat) Metheny in the process.
Don Kimenker - Founder, (Jun 25, 2007)